RTOs – Research and Technology Organisations

From the lab to your everyday life. RTOs innovate to improve your health and well-being, your safety and security, your mobility and connectivity. RTOs’ technologies cover all scientific fields. Their work ranges from basic research to new products and services’ development. RTOs are non-profit organisations whose core mission is to produce, combine and bridge various types of knowledge, skills and infrastructures to deliver a range of research and development activities in collaboration with public and industrial partners of all sizes. These activities aim to result in technological and social innovations and system solutions that contribute to and mutually reinforce their economic, societal and policy impacts.

EARTO Innovation Awards

The annual EARTO Innovation Awards is a competition open to all EARTO members. It rewards innovations with significant social and/or economic impact, produced or expected, with a major contribution from an EARTO member. An independent jury evaluates entries and selects the winners. The prizes are awarded at a special ceremony in Brussels in October with wide political and stakeholder participation.

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RTOs’ Impact Delivered!

Because the RTO sector is not recognised in official OECD or EUROSTAT data, little systematic information about the sector is available. To help fill this gap, EARTO commissioned several fact-finding studies on the impact of RTOs over the years.

EARTO Economic Footprint Study: Impact of 9 European RTOs in 2016

IDEA Consult – March 2018

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EARTO Economic Footprint Study: Impact of 9 European RTOs in 2014

IDEA Consult – December 2015

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Getting the Balance Right: Basic Research, Missions and Governance for Horizon 2020

Technopolis – October 2012

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Impacts of European RTOs: A Study of Social and Economic Impacts of Research and Technology

Technopolis – October 2010

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