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REDIT – Natural products out of supercritical CO2 technology

EARTO Innovation Awards 2020 – Impact Delivered Category


Natural ingredients and clean labels are on the top of food and cosmetics sectors´ trends. Consumers awareness about diet and beauty products safety and quality boost new product release. Low fat products, plant-based proteins and fine oils are being increasingly demanded, even more those coming from natural resources. However, a clean technology that could contribute to a circular economy is necessary, that does not use organic solvent nor generate waste.

Innovation: AINIA, EARTO member through REDIT Innovation Network, developed a supercritical CO2 extraction plant named ALTEX. It is an innovative cost-effective way of producing natural high quality products by using CO2 at supercritical stage. This is a green industrial process with two mainly applications: to extract and separate a high variety of added value substances, and to remove non-desired substances such as pesticides, traces and chemicals.

Impact Delivered: Due to the high quality and purity of getting products, its alignement with market trends and because of being a technology that supports circular economy, ALTEX supercritical CO2 extraction technology is demanded worldwide. ALTEX addapts its solutions to customers specific requirements. ALTEX contributes to increasing employment indirectly, by creating new job positions.

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The Network of Technological Centres of the Valencian Community (REDIT) is a private non-profit association that integrates and represents the 11 technological centres of the region.