WG Impact

EARTO WG Impact is composed of 30 active experts. The WG is looking at how to demonstrate the impact of RTOs in Europe, as well as the categorisation of RTOs in official databases (OECD, EUROSTAT). It is also following EARTO’s collaboration with the OECD on common topics, and with the EC on the impact of the Framework Programmes.


Key Issues for 2020


  • Organising EARTO data collection
  • Demonstrating the impact of RTOs
  • Work towards official OECD and EUROSTAT data on RTOs (flagging in national statistics)
  • Collaboration with OECD on common topics: co-creation, knowledge transfer and RD&I Intermediary organisations, RD&I infrastructures
  • Horizon Europe Impact Pathways

Cooperation with EC DGs & other Stakeholders

  • OECD
  • European Commission (DG R&I, DG JRC)


Latest Papers Published