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HELMHOLTZ – INERATEC: E-Fuels, a sustainable substitute for fossil crude oil

EARTO Innovation Awards 2022 – Impact Delivered Category

First Prize

Every day, we use products that are based on fossil raw materials. We are heavily dependent on fossil oil, causing massive CO2 emissions each day. As a society, we have decided to move towards a CO2-neutral world with fewer emissions and have recorded these decisions in the Paris Climate Agreement.


INERATEC provides modular chemical plants for Power-to-X and Gasto-Liquid applications and supplies sustainable e-Fuels and chemicals: hydrogen from renewable electricity and greenhouse gases like CO2 are converted into ekerosene, CO2-neutral gasoline, clean Diesel or synthetic waxes, methanol or SNG. They are fully compatible with global infrastructure and vehicle fleet due to their dropin compatibility. The innovative reactors provide a high load flexibility as well as quick start-up and shut-down times. Therefore, the plants are perfectly suitable for fluctuating renewable energy applications, e.g. wind or solar. Additionally, with this reactor concept a cost-efficient, modular numbering-up and technology scale-up becomes possible, meaning that standardised modules are multiplied to reach higher capacities.

Impact Delivered

INERATEC actively contributes to a more sustainable future with lower emissions by providing a sustainable solution for hard to defossilise sectors.

The video of the innovation is available here.

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