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FEDIT-CTCR – Unique textiles that make the elderly happy

EARTO Innovation Awards 2021 – Impact Expected Category



The use of creative design-driven approaches for the production of assistive technology (AT) that is more fashionable, desirable and acceptable to older people will enable them to feel more secure and safe in their own homes. Indeed, a design AT-management approach will reduce the number of visits to hospitals and prevent “bed blocking”, allowing the elderly to live more independent and improving their quality of life.

Innovation:The Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja (CTCR), EARTO Member through Fedit, developed the MATUROLIFE project – a metallisation process to encapsulate fibres in textiles which can detect the risk of falling and balance change of the elderly footwear. With the metallised printed electronic sensors incorporated in the insole textiles, the fibres within the fabric become multi-functional, while retaining the properties of a conventional textile and having the functionality of a metal coating.

Impact Expected: These novel textiles can prevent elderly injuries and/or problems by more than 25%. This project targets primary the smart textile market and the AT market for elderly persons, expecting to be available in early 2022. In parallel, CTCR has already secured a lead customer, Calzados Pitillos, who will manufacture a new collection every season of this newly developed shoe.

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