EARTO Members

CEA – French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

Country: France
Founded in: 1945
EARTO Membership: Individual


Key Figures 2016

€5,000M Income

15,942 Employees

762 Patent Applications

600 Industrial Partners

N/A Spin-offs Created

369 H2020 Projects (eCorda March 2018)


Mission & Vision

Mission: ”From research to industry” – CEA acts as a knowledge factory as well as an accelerator of innovation serving industry. It contributes to improving the competitiveness of French businesses by performance and differentiating products and to the creation of economic value. It ranks among the top innovation organizations in the world.


Vision: At the crossroads of numerous disciplines, research on atomic applications are behind progress in all sectors of life (health and biotechnologies, transports, energy and environment, agriculture, building, digital systems, cybersecurity and safety…).




Technology Expertise

  • Natural Sciences: Computer and information sciences ; Physical sciences ; Chemical sciences; Earth and related environmental sciences ; Biological sciences
  • Engineering & Technology: Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering ; Mechanical engineering ; Chemical engineering ; Materials engineering ; Medical engineering ; Environmental engineering ; Environmental biotechnology ; Industrial Biotechnology ; Nano-technology
  • Medical & Health Sciences: Clinical medicine ; Health sciences ; Health biotechnology ; Other medical science


Participation in EARTO Innovation Awards



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