24 / 09 / 2019

Fraunhofer, CEA and NRC in Reuters’ Top 25 – The World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions 2019

Reuters, the international news organisation, published a list with The World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions, identifying which publicly funded and operated organisations are on the forefront of science and innovation and power new markets and industries.   On this years’ list, 3 EARTO Members can be found in Reuters’ ranking:
  • 2nd place: Fraunhofer – Europe’s largest applied research institutions with 26,600 staff members in 72 institutes and research units;
  • 3rd place: CEA – a prominent player in research, development and innovation having 9 research centers;
  • 19th place: National Research Council of Canada – Canada’s largest federal research and development organisation.
  According to Reuters, European institutions dominate the list, with 11 ranked institutions compared to 9 in the Asia-Pacific and 5 in North America.   More information