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INESC TEC – KnowLogis Efficient Healthcare Logistics

EARTO Innovation Awards 2022 – Impact Delivered Category

Currently, a medium/large hospital manages more than 20.000 reference items, including medicines and clinical material. This large number, in addition to making the logistics circuit very complex, accounts for around 80% of the costs with materials in a hospital unit.

Innovation: EARTO member INESC TEC developed KnowLogis, an intelligent reporting system comprising an advanced AI software and a user-friendly and handheld dashboard that, in integration with the databases of the current systems, actively and dynamically monitors and tracks the costs of hospital logistics products, automatically analyses the evolution of its stocks, incorporates historical data and suggests corrective and improvement measures to warehouse management.

Impact Delivered: Cost savings up to 10% while ensuring high quality healthcare service to patients by avoiding the stock out of critical drugs, medical devices and consumables. KnowLogis mitigates treatment cancellations while directing critical assets to priority tasks, helping hospitals, payers and suppliers at saving costs by reducing the stock on hand up to 10% (€700K for a medium-size hospital). Since it’s smart, KnowLogis saves up to 20% the time required for managers to detect, predict and solve logistic problems to other high value tasks.

INESC TEC – Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science is a major Portuguese RTO dedicated to R&D and tech transfer of digital innovations.

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