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EURECAT – AI-based platform to develop and deploy digital clinical measures of patient functional capacity

EARTO Innovation Awards 2022 – Impact Delivered Category

Duchenne, Becker and Myotonic are three of the main Muscular Dystrophies that severely affect mobility of children and adults. No cure exists, but treatments can delay the effects of the disease. The pharmaceutical industry has recently developed several potential drugs that are currently under evaluation in clinical trials. With ongoing clinical trials and several new treatments on the horizon, clinical physicians have a strong need to accurately measure the evolution of a patient’s mobility to ascertain the efficacy of new treatments. The current functional tests are insufficiently accurate to satisfy this need.

Innovation: Ephion Health has developed a digital platform to integrate health data from multiple wearables, analyse the raw data with artificial intelligence, and give the health professional a single readout that is easily understandable as a measure of patient health status. The platform offers a one-stop shop solution for the adoption of wearables in healthcare that integrates the currently fragmented and disharmonious market.

Impact Delivered: Ephion’s objective is to expand the number of diseases that the platform can monitor and offer this new valuable tool to Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres, Pharmaceutical companies and Health Insurance companies.

Eurecat is the largest cross-sectoral and trans-national RTO in Catalonia, Spain, with 700 professionals covering all technological specialities to deliver added value to our society.

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