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REDIT-ITE – Digitalised solution for energy resources’ management

EARTO Innovation Awards 2021 – Impact Delivered Category


Nowadays, the exponential growth of renewable energy users and the adoption of new markets and actors strongly depend on the regulation. In order to bypass restrictions on the innovation demonstration paths, sandboxes have been created. Boosting the technological change towards the energy transition requires facilities which cover all current energy generation and storage technologies. However, all these systems need to be monitored and controlled before entering the market.

Innovation: ITE, EARTO member through REDIT Innovation Network, developed the GAMMA – real-time monitoring and management of energy variables to improve the planning and operation of energy resources through the implementation of a digital twin of the system. GAMMA implements concept tests, by using modelling and simulation tools and a micro-grid infrastructure in an optimal and coordinated way that validates new technological solutions and business models related to local energy communities and the industry.

Impact Delivered: In its first months, it is expected that ITE’s innovation will reach a total income of around € 200,000 from different contracts and private services, as well is expected to obtain other incomes from competitive public aids projects. ITE has reduced emissions by around 30% thanks to the launch of the GAMMA´s system, which represents about 3000 kg of CO2 per month.

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The Network of Technological Centres of the Valencian Community (REDIT) is a private non-profit association that integrates and represents the 11 technological centres of the region.