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Łukasiewicz – Super-efficient monitoring system for pregnancy and labour

EARTO Innovation Awards 2020 – Impact Delivered Category



By 2030 all countries aim at reducing the global maternal, foetal and newborn mortality. Responding to this target, there is a vital need to further develop perinatal surveillance systems to increase the effectiveness of mortality detection in early stages.

Innovation: The Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment, EARTO Member through Łukasiewicz Research Network, developed the MONAKO System – an innovation for pregnancy and labour monitoring to ensure comprehensive care for the foetus and mother. It is a computer-aided system, with automated vital signal analysis software and perinatal database, enabling the monitoring of many patients simultaneously to support the medical staff and to increase the surveillance efficiency.

Impact Delivered: This innovation is currently offered only in the Polish market. However, it has shown a significant potential, reaching sales of €100K in 2019. More than 130 systems have been installed in hospitals and clinics, in various configurations tailored to the client’s needs. The MONAKO System can thus increase the effectiveness of detection of early signs of foetal distress and therefore reduce the perinatal mortality.

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The Łukasiewicz Research Network is the third largest research network in Europe. It occupies 7,500 staff and has 33 research institutes located in 11 cities across Poland.