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IFPEN – Smartphone App for a Cleaner Mobility

EARTO Innovation Awards 2017 – Impact Delivered Category

  Air pollutants, especially due to vehicle usage, represent a major health challenge. Pollutants’ emission level is strongly linked to driving behaviour, whatever the vehicle and its technologies. A better knowledge and monitoring of vehicle usage would contribute to decrease CO2 emissions through improved driving behaviour and habits and foster the development of future standards and infrastructures.   Innovation: To address a growing demand from society for more environmentally-friendly vehicles, EARTO member IFPEN developed an app, GECO Air, which measures how efficiently drivers perform. By coaching the driver in real time, GECO Air has demonstrated a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 14% and of pollutant emissions of up to 60%. GECO Air’s web service tool can also be used for prospective studies as its modelling is more relevant than a statistical approach.   Impact expected: Since the launch of GECO Air’s predecessor in 2014, 18.000 users have travelled on 500.000km and 50 companies in the French Rhône-Alpes region have been involved. GECO Air has been launched in June 2016 and challenges will be organised to boost the deployment of the application, at the scales of companies, cities or more widely.  
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