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FEDIT – Perfect mattress for the perfect comfort

EARTO Innovation Awards 2020 – Impact Delivered Category



The demand for eco-friendly mattresses is one of the key emerging trends in the mattresses’ market in Europe. The mattresses recycling sector is based mainly on manual processes. Only 4 installations have been identified using automatic or semi-automatic processes with limited results. So far, there is no sustainable mattress on the market made from recycled products.


Innovation:AIMPLAS, EARTO Member through Fedit, developed the ECOPURE process which offers clean and wasteless mattresses. This newly developed process allows to recycle current mattresses and/or produce other high added-value products, such as sofa, chairs, seats and isolation panels, for many industrial sectors. The use of recycled materials allows ECOPURE to have a better performance in terms of fatigue and comfort aspects.


Impact Delivered: This innovation can offer a cost reduction of 35%, compared to petrol-based applications, higher mechanical and sustainable performance with a competitive price. It has already reached three markets by introducing two state-of-the-art products: high and medium quality sustainable mattress and recycled foam core for mattress application. It is expected to double its production capacity with an additional turnover of €3.2M per year in the five coming years.


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FEDIT is a Spanish association of RTOs whose main mission is to boost and encourage innovation, technological development and private research.