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CIRCE – Innovative combustion diagnosis based on flame images

EARTO Innovation Awards 2019 – Impact Expected Category

    Combustion process is a chemical reaction in which a large amount of heat is produced. Monitoring and control of the industrial combustion systems can lead to a higher energy efficiency and reduction of pollutants emissions.   Innovation: EARTO Member CIRCE – Research Center for Energy Resources and Consumption developed an advanced flame visualisation tool which enables to diagnose and optimise combustion process in the petrochemical industry. This tool allows detecting burner malfunctions based on the digital image processing. It also generates warnings in order to support the operator and improve the management of the combustion system.   Impact Expected: This innovation has been developed under the H2020 project DISIRE allowing a reduction of fuel consumption, minimising its environmental impact and a cost reduction of natural gas consumption per year of 0.67%. Besides, it offers higher maintenance, safety and huge digitalisation of the combustion system. Other optimisation strategies based on Computational Fluid Dynamics have been explored and could lead to fuel savings of 2 to 3% per year and to 40% lower NOx emission levels.  
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  CIRCE is a technological center founded in 1993 and seeks to provide innovative solutions for sustainable development.