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NST – National Research Council of Science & Technology

Country: Korea Founded in: 2014 EARTO Membership: Corresponding www.nst.re.kr


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Mission & Vision

Mission: NST’s mission is to support national research projects and policy; and drive development of knowledge industry by supporting and managing 25 Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s in the field of science and technology. NST plans policy and research for the development of the GRIs, evaluates their research performance and supports cooperative research between them.   Vision: NST’s vision is the neo-renaissance of the GRIs. NST aims at fostering GRIs to be trusted by the citizens, securing research capabilities to lead the country and establishing research-friendly supportive system. Its strategies are: strengthening of leading type research system, formation of research cooperation ecosystem, dissemination of tangible research accomplishments, improvement to research-centred management system and activation of S&T policy-think tank.  

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