10 / 02 / 2023

EARTO Feedback on EARTO Members’ Experiences with Lump-Sums Projects within Horizon Europe

As shown in our new analysis for Horizon Europe, EARTO members are very active participants in the FPs, especially in complex and large collaborative applied RD&I projects. In turn, EARTO is a strong supporter of the European Commission’s efforts towards simplification of the EU R&I Framework Programmes (FPs). However, all simplifications efforts should cover the full project life-cycle – from application to audit and benefit all – from the EU Commission to the projects and beneficiaries.

In this context, EARTO members are actively participating in the current Horizon Europe lump-sums projects and report many implementation issues which need to be tackled before envisioning to further extend the use of such financial instrument as follows:

  • Premature and Unsuited for Collaborative RD&I Projects: EARTO calls for caution on widening the use of lump-sums in Horizon Europe Work programmes under the next Strategic Plan 2025-27.
  • More guidance to coordinators is needed for certains implementation aspects.
  • Higher success rates in calls using lump-sums are needed to align with higher ex-ante costs incurred during proposal making.
  • The new Lump-sum dashboard developed by the EC for evaluators is completely inappropriate and should be taken down from the EC website while pending improvements.

Read our full feedback here