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Who we are

The core mission of Research and Technology Organisations is to harness science and technology in the service of innovation, to improve quality of life and build economic competitiveness.

RTOs occupy nodal positions within innovation eco-systems, bringing together key players across the whole innovation chain, from fundamental to technological research, from product and process development to prototyping and demonstration, and on to full-scale implementation in the public and private sectors.


RTOs' Three-Stage Innovation Dynamic and Funding Model

RTOs generally operate according to a three-stage innovation dynamic, which broadly correlates with a three-part funding model: 

- Public core funding to support exploration of needs and competence building;

- Competitive public and private income for technology development;

- Customer revenues from dissemination and deployment

RTOs are generally non-profit organisations. Their revenues from dissemination and deployment are re-employed to fund new innovation cycles.


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