19 / 06 / 2020

TWIIN Subscription Programme Webinar on 9 July 2020

TWI’s Innovation Network (TWIIN) is organising a free webinar on “Collaborate and Innovate – New TWIIN Subscription Programme” on 9 July at 10.00 (BST).   RTOS, large companies, innovators as well as SMEs and start-ups are invited to find out about the new TWIIN Subscription Programme which offers the opportunity to embark on mutual collaborations to enable engineering advances in specialist areas, across a wide range of industry sectors in response to commercial needs. TWIIN has a demonstrable track record in nurturing and coordinating partnerships to develop novel ideas and project concepts with industrial engagement. Therefore, the TWIIN Subscription Programme will help company’s technology development to the next level through tailored support including 1-2-1 innovation management consultations, bespoke workshops and opportunities for forging new partnerships.   More information including registration