20 / 01 / 2021

The Open Access Hub to fight COVID-19

Sharing knowledge and collaborating is crucial to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers, engineers and innovators across the world are working fiercely on developing technological solutions that help overcome and manage this global challenge. In this context, Fraunhofer, longstanding member of EARTO, and the World Association of Technological and Industrial Research Organizations (WAITRO), have developed “SAIRA Open Access Hub to fight COVID-19”, a free online platform designed to easily share solutions with the potential to apply to COVID-19 related challenges and connect respective stakeholders. SAIRA aims at bringing together knowledge and expertise from around the globe to create COVID-19 related synergies and cope with the impact on economies, societies and individuals.   EARTO supports this initiative aiming to share COVID-19 related solutions that might help or inspire others or find technologies, research, insights and best practices on COVID-19. The SAIRA Open Access Hub encourages researchers, engineers as well as innovators to directly contact experts via the contact form of the respective solution, express their interest in collaborating, or offer their support.   Should you be interested to join in, please see here.