28 / 06 / 2019

The ‘Industry 2030 Roundtable’ presented its report on future of EU industry

Established in December 2017 the Industry 2030 High Level Industrial Roundtable has just published its report, representing the results of their work over the past year and a half and offers recommendations on specific industrial policy actions. The report:

  • provides useful input to the continuous work on a long-term industrial strategy;
  • proposes that the success of Europe’s industrial transformation should build on adopting breakthrough innovations, addressing climate change and focusing on the people and values that make Europe a role model for the rest of the world;
  • recommends specific actions, including measures for innovation and technology take-up, the transition to a climate-neutral industry, strengthening EU global competitiveness and focusing on people and skills;
  • among others, points out the topic of technology infrastructures.


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