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TNO – Beat the heat with TNO’s heat battery

EARTO Innovation Awards 2021 – Impact Expected Category

Most of the energy consumed globally is in the form of heat, covering 50% of global energy consumption and thus resulting in 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide. There is therefore an undeniable demand to focus on the heat storage potential, the largest single energy storage application field in Europe.

Innovation: EARTO Member TNO developed a heat battery which stores heat and/or electricity and delivers heat independently of time and place, using the most common raw materials on earth (salt and water). TNO’s heat battery, applicable not only to individual houses but also to districts, is a low-power, high-capacity energy storage solution for low-temperature levels (in less than 150° C). It is based on two main breakthroughs: a multicyclic stable thermochemical composite and a closed-loop system.

Impact Expected: Thanks to TNO and its spin-off, Cellcius, the electricity grid investments are estimated to be reduced in a billion euros’ range in the Netherlands. With an active material containing 220 kWh/m3 and a stored energy price of €5-8/MJ, TNO’s system is 2 times more compact and 10 times cheaper than state-of-the-art electric batteries, while being 10 times more compact than domestic water storage. The full heat battery value chain received a €12.5M total funding through European and national running projects.

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