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AIRI – From Used Vegetable Oil to Renewable Fuel

EARTO Innovation Awards 2017 – Impact Delivered Category

  To implement the Kyoto Protocol and counter-act global warming, the EU aims to have 10% of the transport fuel come from renewable sources by 2020. However, the existing FAME technology for producing biofuel has many downsides, which can lead to engine problems. It is also costly to produce since there is little integration of biofuels production within the existing petroleum refineries and associated distribution system.   Innovation: Eni, EARTO member through AIRI, developped the EcofiningTM process together with its partner Honeywell. This new process uses hydrogen pressure to convert biofeedstocks like used vegetable oils or animal fats into a biodiesel that is fully compatible with petroleum fuel and free from the disadvantages of FAME. By adapting its Venice refinery to the EcofiningTM process, Eni converted it into a patented Biorefinery producing a new generation of high quality biofuels.   Impact delivered: With this new process, Eni developed and commercialised a new diesel fuel, Eni Diesel+, with 15% of renewable components. Such fuel preserves the engine efficiency and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by 5% compared to the typical diesel fuel in the Italian market. It also enables to start the engine even at low temperature and reduces noise and vibration, promoting smoother driving. Besides, Eni developed a Green F76 fuel for the Italian Navy tested on ships in sea trials.  
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  AIRI – Associazione italiana per la ricerca industriale is an Italian association of RTOs, industries and financial institutions, promoting industrial R&I and fostering co-operation between the private and public sectors.