08 / 04 / 2020

Petition calling for Horizon Europe personnel costs’ rules aligned with the usual cost accounting practices of beneficiaries

A petition on Horizon Europe Personnel Costs’ rules has been launched, calling on the European Institutions to ensure continuity with the personnel costs’ methods and options of H2020 rules in Horizon Europe’s Model Grant Agreement, in line with beneficiaries’ usual cost accounting practices.   The signatory process is open to all EU FPs beneficiaries (universities, RTOs, industry, etc.). Many EARTO members have already signed it, and we can only encourage all EU FP beneficiaries to consider signing it as well.   This petition is indeed in line with the various EARTO position papers covering this topic, the first one dating back from July 2019 (see the latest one). Besides EARTO for RTOs, the petition is also supported by EUA and CESAER for universities and DigitalEurope for businesses.   Read & sign the petition EARTO Input towards Horizon Europe’s MGA: Ensure continuity with H2020 personnel costs’ options