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Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL) – UAR

Country: Austria
Founded in: 2018
EARTO Membership: Individual



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Mission & Vision

Mission: With the re­search divi­sions Sensor Systems, RF Systems, Power Elec­tronics and System Inte­gra­tion, Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is offering “key enabling tech­nolo­gies” for precisely these elec­tronic based systems and is laying the basis for smart prod­ucts and processes that create the foun­da­tions for things such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IOT), autonomous driving, cyber-phys­ical systems (CPS), AI, smart cities, smart energy and smart health.


Vision: SAL works with key tech­nolo­gies that will influ­ence future prod­ucts and processes in the elec­tronic based field, before they are brought to market. Re­search is carried out at both model level and hard­ware level (compo­nents, assem­blies and devices with micro­elec­tronics and nano­elec­tronics) as well as the atten­dant embedded soft­ware level, in conjunc­tion with the holistic knowl­edge of compre­hen­sive system inte­gra­tion.



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