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Country: Taiwan Founded in: 1973 EARTO Membership: Corresponding www.itri.org    

Key Figures 2019

€719M Income

6,196 Employees

1,202 Patent Applications

14,073 Industrial Partners

2 Spin-offs Created

12 H2020 Projects (eCorda 2020)


Mission & Vision

  Mission: ITRI’s mission is to promote industrial development, create economic value and enhance social welfare through research and development of advanced technologies.   Vision: ITRI’s vision is to be a world-class research institution and a pioneer leading the way for industry.        

Technology Expertise

  • Engineering & Technology: Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering ; Mechanical engineering ; Chemical engineering ; Materials engineering ; Medical engineering ; Environmental engineering ; Industrial Biotechnology ; Nano-technology ; Other engineering and technologies
  • Social Sciences: Economics and business


Participation in EARTO Innovation Awards

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