EARTO Members

ELKH – Eötvös Loránd Research Network

Country: Hungary
Founded in: 2019
EARTO Membership: Associated

Mission & Vision

Mission:  The mission of  ELKH (Eötvös Loránd Research Network) is to: 1. acknowledge, foster and protect scientific freedom and promote research ethics and research integrity, 2.  strive for scientific excellence in basic and applied research in natural and life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, 3. efficiently operate the publicly funded research institute network with diversity, inclusivity and by equal opportunity, 4. be at the forefront of scientific innovation that generates impact in key strategic and global sustainable areas, 5. develop innovative and targeted research programs and policy, 6. foster and advance partnerships internationally and regionally, 7. strengthen synergies between education and research e volve as a progressive, open and inspiring organisation.

Vision: ELKH’s vision is to endow ELKH as a forthcoming network of ‘think tanks’ for policymakers, addressing sustainable transformation while contributing to Hungary’s prosperity.
© Photos Credit: ELKH