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GTS – Danish Technological Institute

Country: Denmark
Founded in: 1906
EARTO Membership: Individual


Key Figures 2016

€150.81M Income

1,107 Employees

14 Patent Applications

8,421 Industrial Partners

N/A Spin-offs Created

24 H2020 Projects (eCorda March 2018)


Mission & Vision

Mission: The Danish Technological Institute, founded in 1906, is a self-owned and not -for-profit institution. The Institute develop, apply and disseminate research- and technologically-based knowledge for the Danish and International business sectors. The Institute participates in development projects, which are of use to society in close collaboration with leading research and educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad. On top of this, the Institute carries out consultancy and standardisation services, which contribute to a dynamic and harmonious development of society. The Institutes most important task is to ensure that new knowledge and technology quickly can be converted into value for sustomers in the form of new improved products, materials, processes, methods and organisational structures. DTI works together with new and exiting companies, either individually or in groups, on ways to enhance technological and management restructuring and efficiency, across a broad range of industries as well as in leading edge sectors. The Institute focus on innovation and competitiveness, management and training, sustainable exploitation of resources and cost-effectiveness in company and society.


Vision: The purpose of the Danish Technological Institute is to work for the benefit of business and society by developing and disseminating technological advances. Our vision is to be Danish companies’ preferred business partner for technological development projects in our core sectors of construction, manufacturing and energy, business development, materials and productivity, and logistics. The Danish Technological Institute aims to: Be a pioneer in Denmark and abroad for application-orientated technology and technology- and knowledge transfer between research and business. Represent a knowledge environment which strengthens the Danish business sector in meeting the technological and business challenges in Denmark and Europe.



Technology Expertise

  • Natural Sciences: Mathematics ; Physical sciences ; Chemical sciences; Earth and related environmental sciences ; Biological sciences
  • Engineering & Technology: Civil engineering ; Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering ; Mechanical engineering ; Chemical engineering ; Materials engineering ; Medical engineering ; Environmental engineering ; Environmental biotechnology ; Industrial Biotechnology ; Nano-technology ; Other engineering and technologies
  • Medical & Health Sciences: Health sciences ; Health biotechnology ; Other medical sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences: Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries ; Agricultural biotechnology ; Other agricultural sciences
  • Social Sciences: Educational sciences; Economics & business ; Social & economic geography ; Political science



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