17 / 11 / 2021

Manifesto on R&I for the Future of Europe

EARTO, together with national organisations and transnational associations representing the entire European R&I landscape, including amongst others Business Europe, ERRIN, LERU and The Guild, signed a Manifesto to promote the discussion on R&I issues within the Conference on the Future of Europe and beyond. The main message of the Manifesto Research and Innovation for the Future of Europe, promoted by 20 European research and innovation actors is: We call on the Conference on the Future of Europe to discuss and deepen Research & Innovation issues over the months to come, so as to place R&I at the core of the debate on the EU’s future challenges and priorities”.   The Conference on the Future of Europe, which started last spring and has now entered its decisive phase, has been presented as a unique opportunity for European citizens to reflect and debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities. Nevertheless, despite its central role, research and innovation – the signatory organisations highlight – do not appear among the selected priority topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe. There is no doubt that the future of Europe and its citizens will be largely linked to our performance in science and technology, the promoters state. In the coming years, research and innovation will be crucial to steer Europe’s recovery, preparedness and resilience, accelerate the twin green and digital transitions, and support the EU’s aspirations of open strategic autonomy. To do this, for instance, the Union should raise its ambitions on the ongoing relaunch of the European Research Area, design a stronger innovation policy framework for the new decade, and conceive an enhanced Europe-proof public and private funding approach for R&D. The pandemic has brought science and technology at the heart of public debate. Today more than ever – the Manifesto also states – an open dialogue between science, technology and society will be crucial to promote a more dedicated and proactive citizens’ engagement in R&I activities, so that Europeans will continue to share scientific values and recognise the contribution of science and technology to progress and to their daily lives.   The Manifesto Research and Innovation for the Future of Europe is now public on researchforeurope.eu and can be supported both as an organisation and individually.   Read the full Manifesto Read the full Press Release