13 / 12 / 2019

JRC published its final report of the TTO circle Workshop “Connecting with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) published its final report of the TTO circle workshop on “Connecting with the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”, which took place on 24 October 2019 in Brussels. The workshop focused on the challenges connected to establishing spin-off companies in RTOs: Complementing spin-offs´ technological/scientific existing talent with CEO and sales profiles interested in growing SMEs. According to the report, beyond team level dynamics, creating an agenda for all stakeholders in the ecosystem could help mitigate the difficulty of matching technology-based ventures with entrepreneurs.


In this regard, a number of recommendations were considered:

1. The entrepreneurial ecosystem needs to be nurtured to favour greater connectivity across all players, avoiding organisations to invest efforts in creating their ecosystem internally.
2. At the European level, greater connectivity of the local ecosystems is needed to promote truly European teams with global mind-sets.
3. Fostering stakeholder connectivity within the ecosystem requires efforts to explore where the strongest and weakest connections and the most active nodes are. For that purpose, institutions should be encouraged to map their own network and to assess the networks jointly.
4. Providing the right training and incentives to scientists is essential in stimulating their willingness to connect with other actors in the ecosystem beyond the research community. Similarly, universities and business schools should equip students with entrepreneurial skills to lead their own ventures or those initiated by others.


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