23 / 02 / 2018

High-Level Strategy Group for Industrial Technologies Publishes its Preliminary Report

The EC has set up in September 2017 a High-Level Strategy Group on Industrial Technologies, tasked to review the European strategy on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and to recommend how to best place them in the forthcoming mission-oriented research and innovation programme. Mr Antti Vasara, EARTO Vice-President & VTT CEO and Mr Iñaki San Sebastian, EARTO Board Member & TECNALIA CEO, are members of this Group who published its preliminary report today. The final report is expected in April 2018.  
This report highlights the economic importance of KETs and suggests a new, broader definition of KETs, based on the following four criteria: impact, relevance, key capacity, and enabling power. The High-Level Group recommends:
  • confirming the existing six KETs while merging four of them into two broader categories (materials and nanotechnology, photonics and micro- and nano-electronics);
  • broadening the KET ‘biotechnology’ to ‘Life Sciences technologies’;
  • adding two new main fields, namely: artificial intelligence and digital security and connectivity
The preliminary report also contributes to the debate on the direction of future EU research and innovation investments with a list of 14 suggested “Missions”.