04 / 11 / 2020

Helmholtz Association Brussels Office annual event on “AI in the green digital ERA: Quo vadis?” on 10 November 2020

The Helmholtz Association Brussels Office organises a virtual annual event on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the green digital ERA: Quo vadis?” on 10 November 2020 from 14.00 to 15.30 (CET). The digital transformation and the adoption of AI can bring solutions to many societal challenges. Benefits are expected in different sectors, such as personal healthcare, smarter transport services, efficient manufacturing, and optimized energy exploitation. In light of the German EU Council presidency, the Helmholtz Association Brussels Office aims to focus on the added value of multidisciplinary research and innovation activities in the field. How can we avoid working in silos and overcome the limits of current digital technologies in terms of capacity, speed and energy consumption? Are there policy steps that should be prioritized at a European level to boost the potential of AI in the green digital ERA? High-level guests from politics, science and industry will share their insights and their experiences with all registered participants.   The registration deadline is until 9 November 2020   More information