25 / 03 / 2020

H2020 Projects – Possible Extensions

As for the H2020 Calls deadlines, the EC has published an FAQ on the clause on force majeure which addresses possible disruptions of the implementation of H2020 projects, additional costs and travel cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Force majeure’ relates to an extraordinary and unforeseeable event or situation that is beyond the beneficiaries’ control and that prevents them from fulfilling their obligations under the action. In this case, beneficiaries must immediately inform the responsible project officer at the EC (or Agencies) which will decide case-by-case if the clause can be applied to the situation. Costs will be eligible, if they fulfil the general eligibility conditions set out in Article 6 H2020 MGA like any other costs incurred under the action. If force majeure entails extra costs for the implementation of the action, these costs may be eligible if necessary for the implementation for the action (should the maximum grant amount not be exceeded). The EC gave additional guidance by response to a request of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency.


As for the Call deadlines, EARTO will closely monitor the situation in order to provide its members with the most recent updates.