08 / 10 / 2020

EIT Digital celebrates its 10th anniversary on 29 October

In 2020, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Digital celebrates its 10th anniversary and organises an online event  reflecting on its digital innovation and collaboration with the pan-European community and discussing the way forward towards a strong digital Europe – inclusive, fair, and sustainable.   The EIT Digital has also published its latest report on “A European Approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, addressing the important topic on how Europe should deal with Artificial Intelligence and provides business and policy decision makers with a scenario-based impact assessment instrument for AI policy development.   The report’s main conclusions and recommendations are
  • To ensure effective policy in the area of AI, it is necessary to take context (sectors of application) into account.
  • Policies regarding application of AI on personal data should be allowed to differ from policies regarding application of AI on machine data, especially in certain application sectors.
  • General regulation or policy measures can be considered in relation to algorithm transparency and explainability.
  • Regulation should be adaptable and flexible, whilst minimising and mitigating risks, and ensuring human rights and European values.
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