20 / 12 / 2021

EC Scoping Report – Towards a reform of the research assessment system

The European Commission (EC), after a period of consultation from March to November 2021, has published a Scoping Report “Towards a reform of the research assessment system”. The report summarises the outcomes of the intense consultations with different stakeholders and defines the goals to be achieved with a reform of the research assessment system.   According to the coordinated approach proposed in the report, research funding and research performing organisations are responsible to agree together upon principles and actions and to define the criteria and processes to assess research projects. Regarding the implementation of these principles and actions the report proposes a European agreement to be signed by individual research funding organisations, national/ regional assessment authorities, agencies and associations, that are committed in the reform of the current research assessment system. In that regard, EARTO has been selected as one of the Stakeholders Organisations involved in bilateral meetings.   More information