03 / 09 / 2020

EC DG R&I published 5 new R&I working papers in August

The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (R&I) of the European Commission (EC) recently published the five latest working papers in its R&I Paper series.   These five working papers consist of: 1. Framing R&I for transformative change towards sustainable development in the European Union – discussing how R&I policy in the post-COVID scenario can leverage transformative change towards sustainable development 2.  Macroeconomic Models for Research and Innovation Policy: The Present and the Future – presenting an overview of the modelling platforms used by the European Commission for the impact assessment of R&D and innovation policies 3.  Regulations and technology diffusion in Europe: the role of Industry dynamics –  analysing the relationship between the regulatory frameworks in the labour, goods and capital markets and innovation diffusion 4.  Mapping 21st century Science/Technology linkages: has science become more important in recent technological development? – addressing question: is science becoming increasingly important in recent developments of emerging technologies? 5.  Digitalisation and Its Impact on Innovation –  revealing the complex links between innovation and market concentration, and promoting innovation in modern digital markets.   More information