31 / 03 / 2020

EC Consultation on EU 2030 Climate Target Plan

On 31 March 2020, the European Commission (EC) launched a public consultation to gather stakeholders’ and citizens’ views on EU 2030 climate ambition increase. As part of the European Green Deal, the EC has adopted climate and energy legislation, intending to increase the EU’s 2030 target for greenhouse gas emission reductions to at least -50% and towards -55% compared to 1990 levels. In this regard, the EC will also propose to put the new target into EU law, first through an amendment of the recently proposed European Climate Law, and later through sectoral legislative proposals. The agreed legislation is expected to lead to around 60% greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2050.


The consultation will be open until 23 June 2020, aiming at:

  • collecting opinions, necessary actions in different sectors and specific policy design to increase climate ambition by 2030;
  • gathering further information, including roadmaps, policy briefs and studies relevant for deeper greenhouse gas emission reductions.


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