22 / 02 / 2018

EARTO’s Call to Secure an Increased RD&I Budget at the Level of Europe’s Ambitions

EARTO Calls on the European Institutions to Secure an Increased RD&I Budget at the Level of Europe’s Ambitions   We are at a decisive moment for the future of Europe. With the ongoing discussions on the next European Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), European Leaders and Policy Makers have now the chance to define Europe’s Future, a Europe delivering on our key challenges of today and anticipating those of tomorrow. Our global context has changed and turned technological capabilities into THE decisive strategic factor and strength of our economies. However, RD&I intensity is much lower in Europe than in other countries like the US, China, Japan or South Korea. As European Commission President Juncker underlined  that “the EU needs a budget that matches its ambitions and meets future challenges”. It is now time for action!   EARTO strongly calls on European Leaders and Policy Makers to:
  • Bring back the target of raising RD&I investment to 3% of GDP as one of the new Ten Commandments of the post-Brexit EU, and strongly commit to prioritise RD&I spending in the next MFF post-2020, seizing this opportunity to significantly scale up the overall EU budget for the next RD&I Framework Programme to overcome the RD&I Investments deficit in Europe.
  • Secure and ring-fence the European RD&I budget to preserve it from any spending cuts for the whole duration of the MFF. On 10 January 2018, the EU Commissioners have unanimously agreed to spare R&I from spending cuts in the next MFF, which is now the official Commission position. We call on the other EU Institutions to take similar engagements.
  Only then, will we be able to design a strong EU cross-border collaborative RD&I Framework Programme post 2020 and promote a competitive RD&I ecosystem strengthening European Industries’ capacities to further absorb and scale up the technologies matured into new solutions, maximising impact for society. Such priorities will need to be reflected in the future EU RD&I Framework Programme’s total budget, structure, and internal budget allocation.   EARTO and its members are ready to further support Members States and the European Commission in the elaboration of what will be the key EU policy of the future, the EU RD&I policy and FP9.   EARTO’s Call to Secure an increased RD&I Budget at the Level of Europe’s Ambitions