09 / 05 / 2022

EARTO Paper on a New European Innovation Agenda

Europe entered the new decade with high ambitions: recovering from the COVID-19 crisis is not enough, Europe needs to do so by boosting its sustainable competitiveness while achieving the twin transition to a green and digital industry and society. Building Europe’s resilience and technology autonomy in strategic areas will be key to meet the needs of EU citizens, while ensuring Europe’s forefront position in the global innovation race. Research and Innovation will be a game-changer to achieve such ambitions and deepening the European Research and Innovation Area will be paramount.

In this context, EARTO appreciates the new ambitions for innovation stated by the European Commission (EC) in its new call for evidence for a new European Innovation Agenda. In the current geopolitical context where Europe find itself today, such a new EU Innovation Agenda has to be instrumental in ensuring EU open strategic autonomy in key advanced technologies necessary for the green and digital transitions, as already done for cloud and microelectronics thanks to the EU Chip Act (See EARTO reaction to New EU Industrial Strategy: Towards Europe’s Open Strategic Technology Autonomy).

Accordingly, EARTO members are ready to contribute to defining an ambitious and concrete EU Innovation. This paper brings forward EARTO recommendations to this effect on the 5 key areas identified for further actions for:

  1. Improving EU Scaling-Up Capabilities
  2. More Pro-Innovation Framework Conditions
  3. Strengthening EU Innovation Ecosystems
  4. Bridging the Innovation Divide
  5. Developing EU Innovation Skills

EARTO remains at the disposal of the European Institutions and Member States to further discuss these recommendations and support their implementation.

Read the full EARTO Paper on a New European Innovation Agenda