17 / 08 / 2020

EARTO Network welcomes two new members: IDEKO and BRTA (Spain)

The EARTO network gladly welcomed two new members from Spain this week:
  • IDEKO: IDEKO is a research centre that specialises in industrial production and manufacturing technologies. Its principal activities are to support process/product/service development strategy, collaborative projects, integrated management for innovation. It has 4 research groups: Dynamics and Control, Design and Precision Engineering, ICT and Automation, and Manufacturing Processes. IDEKO serves major industrial sectors such as the machine-tool building, aerospace, automotive, railways etc.
  • BRTA – The Basque Research and Technology Alliance: BRTA is a consortium composed of 12 RTOs, 4 CICs (cooperative Research Centers), the Basque Government and the Basque Business Development Agency – SPRI. Its research centers cover a broad range of technological fields, among which, bio, energy, environment, nano, materials, manufacturing, marine, food, ICT, agro and livestock, health, urban and building etc. The centers serve cross sectoral industrial clients which are close to the Basque regional industry fabric.
  More information about IDEKO and BRTA.