25 / 05 / 2021

EARTO Network welcomes a new member: ICENT (Croatia)

The EARTO network gladly welcomed a new member today: ICENT – Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla in Croatia. ICENT, established in 2015, is the leading constituent of the innovation ecosystem in Croatia for applied research and development in the field of engineering and related applications that guide Croatian society and economy towards competitiveness and sustainability with the strong support of ICT. Its principal activities and services are based on RD&I, prototyping and quality testing, business and strategic consulting, commercialisation of intellectual property, acceleration of technology start-up companies and training and certification. Its mission is to contribute to the growth of the economy based on high technologies, primarily in the sectors of power engineering, transport systems, automation and robotics, advanced components, biomedical engineering, and information and communication technology.   More information about ICENT