11 / 05 / 2022

EARTO Case Studies on Technology Infrastructures

Building Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy in strategic areas will be key to meet the needs of the EU citizens, while ensuring Europe’s forefront position in the global innovation race. In this view, Technology Infrastructures (TIs) are critical enablers for the European research, development and innovation ecosystems and are major building blocks for Europe to deliver on its high ambitions.

An ambitious European Strategy for TIs will be essential to boost Europe’s sustainable competitiveness while achieving the twin transition to a green and digital industry and society. EARTO has been actively supporting such ambitious European Strategy for TIs and their key positioning in policy-making in Europe. Recently, the European Commission published its report: ‘Towards the Implementation of an EU Strategy for Technology Infrastructures: Insights for the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda’. The report provides key policy recommendations to support the implementation of the ERA Policy Agenda towards an integrated European landscape for TIs in the next three years.

Currently, Member States and the European Commission are discussing future national commitments to European Research Area (ERA) Actions, including on the ERA Action 12 looking at further ERA technology roadmaps and the linked technology infrastructures to support green transitions. To support Member States and the European Commission in the development  of the new EU strategy on technology Infrastructures envisioned in the ERA Policy Agenda, EARTO hereby presents case studies of TIs created and managed by EARTO members. They provide evidence on the wide variety of TIs that exist (different service delivery models, different users, different funding models, different topics/areas/focus, etc.). EARTO TIs Case Studies particularly aim to exemplify what is a TI, hence serves as a reference for the ongoing discussions on new EU Strategy for Technology Infrastructures.

EARTO thanks its members who contributed to those case studies. EARTO remains at the disposal of the EU institutions to further discuss the strategy on Technology Infrastructures.

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