22 / 08 / 2019

EARTO Answer to the EC Consultation on the Strategic Planning of Horizon Europe

In the frame of the co-design implementation of Horizon Europe (HEU), the European Commission (EC) launched in June 2019 an online public consultation for the preparation of a Strategic Plan for HEU which will guide the Work Programmes and calls for proposals for HEU’s first 4 years (2021-2024). Overall, the consultation aims at identifying HEU’s future impacts, raising debate and new ideas.   EARTO has prepared and published an overarching answer based on previous priorities published last year, calling on the EU Institutions to:
  • Scale-up Horizon Europe’s overall budget to at least €120Bn;
  • Reinforce Europe’s excellent multi-disciplinary, collaborative and applied RD&I by strengthening the budget share of Horizon Europe Pillar II to 60% of the total HEU budget;
  • Support the continuity of public-private partnerships;
  • Create a European Strategy on Technology Infrastructures;
  • Ensure RTOs’ participation in the governance of European Missions;
  • Implement the EIC Pathfinder instrument to support the creation and scale-up of European deep-tech start-ups;
  • Continue the efforts undertaken to foster the synergy of funds between Horizon Europe and INTERREG.
  EARTO encourages all its Members to answer this consultation which will remain open until 8 September and to add the EARTO answer in attachment to complement their own answers.   The EC organises the European R&I Days on 24-26 September in Brussels, expecting to welcome 3.000 participants. This event will also serve to gather inputs from the R&I community in the shaping of HEU strategic priorities. EARTO is in discussion with the EC to organise joint activities.   EARTO Answer on EC Consultation HEU Strategic Planning