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AiF – German Federation of Industrial Research Associations

Country: Germany
Founded in: 1954
EARTO Membership: Association


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Mission & Vision

Mission: Entrepreneurial innovation is Germany’s most valuable resource. The German Federation of Industrial Research Associations – AiF in short – is the leading national organization promoting applied research and development benefiting Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses. It builds up alliances together with partners from industry, science and government in order to turn ideas into successful products, processes or services in the market. As an industry-driven organization, the AiF aims at initiating applied R&D for SMEs, as well as qualifying the new generation of academics in innovative fields and organizing the distribution of scientific knowledge.


Vision: AiF’s activities as a centre of excellence in R&D support span the whole innovation chain. The support programmes which the AiF manages all aim at strengthening firm’s innovation capacity through R&D – from pre-competitive research to the benefit of whole branches of the economy to the practical implementation of research results in individual firms. We help SMEs successfully tackle technological challenges and support cooperation with other firms and with research organisations.



Technology Expertise

  • Natural Sciences: Mathematics ; Computer and information sciences ; Physical sciences ; Chemical sciences; Earth and related environmental sciences ; Biological sciences ; Other natural sciences
  • Engineering & Technology: Civil engineering ; Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering ; Mechanical engineering ; Chemical engineering ; Materials engineering ; Medical engineering ; Environmental engineering ; Environmental biotechnology ; Industrial Biotechnology ; Nano-technology ; Other engineering and technologies
  • Medical & Health Sciences: Clinical medicine ; Health sciences ; Health biotechnology ; Other medical sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences: Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries ; Animal and dairy science; Agricultural biotechnology ; Other agricultural sciences
  • Social Sciences: Economics & business ; Other social sciences


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