25 / 06 / 2018

EARTO Publishes Recommendations and Analysis of EC Proposals for Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme

The European Commission has published earlier in June its proposals for Horizon Europe (FP9, successor of Horizon 2020) and for a Digital Europe Programme.  
EARTO and its members welcome the European Commission (EC)’s proposal for Horizon Europe and congratulates the EC services for the extensive work performed to set up such proposal. The EC proposal is in continuity with Horizon 2020 and builds on the successes of the previous Framework Programmes (FPs).  
EARTO also welcomes the EC’s proposal for a Digital Europe Programme, especially the work proposed on High performance computing, Artificial intelligence and Cybersecurity as key elements in the Digitalization Strategy. The text proposed by the European Commission gives clear directions, goals to be achieved, and contains funding not only for RD&I activities but also for capacity building. This programme will target key issues for Europe’s future.  
EARTO has published the following recommendations and analysis of the EC proposals: