Facts and Figures

Because the RTO sector is not recognised in official statistics, little systematic information about the sector is available. To help fill this gap, EARTO commissioned several fact-finding studies on the impact of RTOs over the years.

In 2015, EARTO commissionned a study on the Economic Footprint of 9 European RTOs, representing 1/3 of EARTO members in terms of employees and turnover. The aggregated economic effect of those 9 RTOs from their core-activities and generated through contract research and spin-offs resulted in 2014 in:

  • 225.860 jobs
  • €29,3bn turnover
  • €14bn value-added
  • €5,2bn fiscal & parafiscal return to governments
  • For each 1 job created in these RTOs, 3 jobs were created elsewhere
  • For each €1 invested in these RTOs, €3,8 returns flew back to governments

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In 2010 and 2012, EARTO commissionned two studies on the Impact of European RTOs from Technopolis Group. Some of the key points from these studies are:

  • Europe’s RTO sector has a combined turnover of about €23bn per annum
  • Its economic impact is up to €40bn annually, and up to €100bn longer-term
  • RTOs co-ordinate around one-third of all Framework Programme projects
  • The sector supports some 100,000 companies each year, especially SMEs

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