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July 10, 2017 | European news

The Joint Research Centre Opens its Scientific Labs and Facilities to Research Sector

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) opens its scientific laboratories and facilities to people working in academia and research organisations, industry, small and medium enterprises, and more in general to the public and private sector. The JRC strategy aims to enhance dissemination of scientific knowledge, boost competiveness and brige the gap between research and industry.

The Scientists will have the opportunity to work in the fields of nuclear safety, chemistry, biosciences, physical sciences, ICT and foresight. Three of the 41 facilities (the Reaction Wall and the HopLab in the European Laboratory for Structural Assessment (ELSA), the NanoBiotechnology laboratory) will open their doors on a pilot basis for research carried out by scientists. The other facilities will gradually provide access as from 2018.

The relevance-driven access is exclusively dependent on scientific and socio-economic relevance at European level. It is based on a peer-review selection process following a call for proposals.

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