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Madrid, 28th May, 2008 - EARTO Working Group

15.00-20.00 FP7 Update
Current Issues and Priorities for RTOs, Christopher John Hull, Secretary General, EARTO

FP7 Certification Procedures
  • Personnel Overhead Costs
  • Average Personnel Costs
  • Reporting Process
Philippe Coenjaarts, Head of Unit, Implementation of Audit Certification Policy and Outsourced Audits, DG Research, European Commission

EARTO FP7 Performance Benchmarking Survey

First Results, Nina Baumeister, Project Executive, EARTO

EU Competition Policy and RTOs

Short Presentations by New Members of EARTO

  • SWEREA, Sweden
  • Brodarski Institut, Croatia
  • Rudjer Boskovic, Croatia
  • NOFIMA, Norway

YEAR, Young European Associated Researchers

Madrid, 29th May, 2008 - EARTO Conference "Impacting New Markets"

11.00-13.30 Opening Plenary Session

Welcome from FEDIT, Emilio Pérez, President
Welcome Erkki KM Leppävuori President
Juan Jose Moreno Navarro, Director General Coordination and Planification, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
Pilar del Castillo Vera, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

Setting the Scene
R&D and Innovation Systems in Asia-Pacific, Ester Basri, Senior Analyst, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD

Rethinking the Role of RTOs and Their Service Offerings,
Göran Roos, Visiting Professor of Innovation Management and Business Model Innovation, VTT, ppt available on request to

The Impact of RTOs on the UK Economy,
Peter Oakley, Associate Director TWI

15.00-18.00 Parallel Sessions

Geographical Dimension

Developments and Opportunities for European RTOs in Emerging Economies, Dirk-Meints Polter, Vice-President, Fraunhofer

A Technology-based Approach to Latin American Markets, Manuel Prego, General Manager, ESI

Technology Commercialization and Rapid Business Acceleration in Silicon Valley,
Ram Mohan, Founder and CEO, inBAC

An Industrial Approach to New Markets,
Juan Antonio Serrano, International Promotion Manager, CDTI

Commercial Dimension

Selecting Optimal Exploitation Routes for Newly Developed Technologies, Lorenz Kaiser, Divisional Director for Legal Affairs and Contracts, Fraunhofer

Marketing technology and Knowhow: Identifying Potential Applications, Finding Customers,
Bill Brox, CEO and President, IMEGO

Cross-sectoral Technology Exploitation,
Joan Perra, General Manager, LEITAT

Stimulating Industrial Demand for Innovation and Matching it to Sources of Technology and Expertise,
John Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Pera

Measuring RTO Success

RTO impact on SMEs: a Case Study from Finland,
Jani Saarinen, Innovation and Technology Policy Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Finland (formerly Senior Research Scientist, Innovation Studies, VTT)

FEDIT Economic Impact Measurement of Spanish Technology Centres,
Aurelia Modrego and Andrés Barge, University Carlos III Madrid

Evaluating Industrial Benefits from RTOs,
Maria Kohrsand, CEO, SP Group

Madrid, 30th May, 2008 - EARTO Conference "Impacting New Markets"

10.00-13.30 Reports from Parallel Sessions

The Spanish Innovation System and the Role of RTOs,
Daniel González de la Rivera, Deputy General of SMEs Creation, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

The European Research Area: Analysis and Proposals for its Future Development,
Mattias Weber, Austrian Research Centres GmbH and Member of the ERA Rationales Expert Group

Jens Neugebauer, Fraunhofer, AERTOs Project Coordinator

Taking Technology to Market: a European success case in the US,
Javier Garcia Martinez, Rive Tech, Founder and CTO

Jean Frédéric Clerc/Adrienne Perves, CEA

The European Institut of Innovation and Technology,
Lucia Recalde Langarica, European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture
13.30-14.00 Closing Session
Emilio Pérez, President FEDIT
Erkki Leppävuori, President EARTO
Daniel González de la Rivera, Deputy General of SMEs Creation, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

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