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Trondheim, April 23, 2004

Knut B Haanæs, Division Director, The Research Council of Norway
Action Plan for Norwegian R&D

Christian Patermann, Director, DG Research, European Commission
The Commission’s 3% Action Plan

Andrew Dearing
, Secretary General, EIRMA, Paris
Why do European firms invest so little in comparison with US Firms?
What to do about it?

Emmanuel Leprince, Executive Director, Comité Richelieu, France
The SME R&D deficit in Europe. Lessons from America. Concrete
proposals for improving SME support in Europe

Rolf Linkohr
, MEP, Brussels
Proposals for dynamising the European research area. Looking towards FP7

Kees Ekkers, TNO (NL)
Case study on co-financing research

Tor Ulleberg, SINTEF (N)
R&D in Norwegian SMEs, SINTEF´s role - Presentation to follow

Stig Slipersæter, NIFU (Norwegian Institute for Studies in Research and Higher Education)
RTOs within ERA: is a special financial regime needed?

Should you be interested in the presentations, please consult the EARTO .


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