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Publications before 2008



  • RTOs in the Evolving European Research Area - A complement to the EURAB report on RTOs and ERA (see below) - link
  • Comments by EARTO on Commission Green Paper "The European Research Area: New Perspectives" - Input to the Green Paper debate - August 2007 link
  • DESCA Model Consortium Agreement Version2 - Updated version of the DESCA model consortium agreement for FP7 projects - link
  • The Proposed European Institute of Technology: Presentation to the European Parliament - Presentation made to a joint session of the ITRE and CULT Committees - May 2007 - link
  • Open Letter on the EIT to the Members of ITRE and CULT Committees of the European Parliament - Declaration of support for an EIT focussed on strategic innovation projects - April 2007 - link



  • EARTO Response to the Draft Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation - Input prepared by an EARTO Task Force - October 2006 - link
  • EARTO Position on a European Institute of Technology - Position paper - May 2006 - link



  • EURAB Report on Research and Technology Organisation and ERA - Document defining and illustrating the essential role of RTOs in European R&D and inovation policy - December 2005 - link
  • EARTO Discussion Paper "Towards A Dedicated European Research Programme for SMEs" - Position paper supporting reinforced SME support measures at European level - September 2009 - link



  • EARTO Response to the Commission Communication "Science and Technology, the Key to Europe's Future"  - Proposals for FP7 - October 2004 - link
  • EURAB Report on SMEs and ERA - Document arguing for reinforced European measures in support of SMEs - link



  • For a Block Exemption For Public Mission Research From the Community Framework for State Aid For R&D - An EARTO briefing paper summarising arguments why firms should invest more in R&D and governments should give more support to them - December 2003 - link
  • Europe Needs More Applied R&D - Review of academic and other evidence on the payback from R&D investment - March 2002 - link
  • The Changing World of Industiral R&D - Important policy paper on the growing trend towards R&D outsourcing in Europe and its implications for public policy - link
  • General Guidelines for the Operation of Research and Technology Organisations - An EARTO guide to help RTOs plan, manage and execute research projects at a high level of quality - January 2000 -link
  • SMEs in the Fifth Framework Programme - Recommendations on special provisions for SME participation in the Fifth Framework Programme - November 1998 - link


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