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EARTO membership is generally open to all organisations which as their predominant activity provide research and development, technology and innovation services to firms, governments, public agencies or other clients, and which are managerially independent. 

Full membership is open to organisations established in the European Union or an "FP-associated" country. Organisations located elsewhere may be admitted as corresponding member. Honorary members are organisations not fulfilling the general criteria for membership but wish to support the association by financial or other means. 

Annual subscriptions are calculated at the rate of €25 per employee per year, with a minimum of €750 for small members and a maximum of €30,000 for large organisations.

Organisations potentially interested in membership may wish to consult the Association's statutes.


If you are interested in joining, please contact the EARTO  

rue Joseph II, 36-38
B-1000 Brussels 
Tel.: +32.2-502 86 98 
Fax: +32.2-502 86 93 


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